Horses have been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember and even then there are pictures from before that.  My time with horses has led me down many paths on my journey to becoming a Horsewoman.  I began my training path preparing horses for use in kid lessons and youth camps.  This lead me to having my students show them in 4H, TBHA, IBHA, AQHA and APHA shows with fairly good success.  With experience riding horses in H/J, Dressage, Show Jumping, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Western Riding, Trail Riding, Reining and Team Penning I decided, in college, to open a mobile training company helping horses with people problems.  I have an ability to teach riders and owners to do most of the training themselves but for the first time I was doing all the riding.  To say there weren't rough days would be a lie.  It was wonderful, eye opening, terrifying... There were countless nights my fat shiny horses ate their dinners while I dreamed of affording Ramen.  Hard work and word of mouth helped to grow CG Combined Training.  Work and the search for knowledge have lead to Kentucky, California, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Louisiana gaining experience and miles on horses.  A trained Trainer takes twice as many miles as a trained horse. I have managed farms from small camps operations to large equestrian centers all the while always staying in the saddle.  The last several years I have embraced my passion for Western Dressage.  While I ride and compete in Classical Dressage as well, there is an at home feeling to Western Dressage.

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What I offer to help build the western dressage athlete you desire.



Beginning the journey

The education of a young or green horse sets their foundation for the rest of their lives. I work on creating a horse that is pleasant to not only ride but, to spend time with on the ground.  Our greenies spend time working from the ground and most of their mounted work is done hacking and creating a fit relaxed athlete.


Competition program

Athletes in our program are encouraged to be in Full Training* when showing nationally and attending Championships.  We attend shows and clinics regularly.



My amazing partner

VisStok, International Red Rambler, Fish Sticks, RedMan, Red...  He is my heart and soul.  He is the horse I wake up for every day.  Red has an incredible personality and can be a total goose or carry a 4 year old child safely.  To say I'm honored to be his care taker and share in his wonderfulness wouldn't be enough.  We are reaching our 10 year anniversary and we just keep reaching higher and higher together.  Sickness and injury have tested our faith in each other and training challenges or heated discussion and differing opinions keep us humble on our journey together.



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