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Rider and Horse training are done with Catherine Campbell World Top 10 WD Equitation Rider 2018, TTT Certificate holder, USDF L Program auditor and Program Rider and Western Dressage USEF apprentice judge.

Horse Training is teaching the horse to carry itself while carrying a load. Rider Training is learning to be a good load to carry. 

Rider Services:
Riding Lessons: Whether it's on one of our horses* or yours we offer riding lessons for the Dressage enthusiastic rider. While our program is geared towards Western Dressage, our belief is proper balanced riding can and will improve any horse and rider pair across disciplines. Our program is based on correct equitation or what the community now calls rider biomechanics. Learning to be a balanced and strong equestrian while, developing a good feel will take you from being a rider to being an equestrian. Becoming an equestrian who can make a positive difference for the horses you ride. *Limited number of horses
Rider Relief: As equestrians we are athletes and, so are our horses. What does this actually boil down to? Your discipline doesn't matter. Whether you participate in Liberty or ride bareback, perhaps you do 15 miles a week walking the trails or you ride fit high level performance horses, we are all athletes who owe it to our horses to be as balanced and pain free as we can be. Remember we have to be a good load to carry. Riders at all levels experience imbalance and muscle deactivation. These things directly effect how you walk and move on the ground to how you sit in the saddle and access and use your aids. 
Horse Services:
Horses are at the heart of our passions for why we are all here. If your horse is doing something with their body because you have asked them to, it is your responsibility to make sure they feel their best. You've done your best to ensure that they are working as pain free as is achievable and that you're not hindering your horse's body from lack of awareness and care. We all want our horses happy and improving. Horses get sore, they have bad days but so do we. Understanding can go along way from frustration in the saddle to a happier working relationship. We prefer to work with horse and their owners or riders together but we do offer limited training openings. Horses in training are in FULL training only with the intention for show or sale. 
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