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Catherine Campbell Owner of Cedar Creek Saddle Club

I began in the horse industry from the ground up. I rode my first horse at age 4 and took off from there. Obsession is an appropriate word. From horse camp and lessons to being a barn rat to proper abused working student, on to instructor of kids and then adults, trail lead and trainer, show coach, Camp director, office manager, Barn Manager, Instructor for University of Texas, Pro Rider, decorated pro rider, owner of CCSC and here we are. 

I have worked hard for the great opportunities I have been apart of. To include, USDF L Grad demo rider and auditor. 

I have two completions of the WDAA TTT (Train the Trainers) Program.  I am a USEF Western Dressage Apprentice Judge. I've Ridden with or Audited: Lilo Fore, Charles DeKunffy, Fran Kher, Beth Barrit, Jill Hardt, Robert Dover, Steffan Peters, Christian Bachinger, Brian MacMahon, Cliff Swanson, Frances Carbonnel, Clinton Anderson, Tom Curtain, Buck Brannaman, Cal Middleton, Martin Arnold, Grace Harris, Bobbie Paulk and many more.  

My program has been developed over using the past 33 years I've been in the horse world. 25 of which I have been teaching and training. My first and foremost concern is the well being of your horse and you.

We use the following services for ourselves and our horses to keep us all comfortable and happy: Hoof 'N Paw Chiro, JLC Veterinary Service, OSS Western Dressage saddles, EquiFUSE Grooming Products, EQClusive HAAS Brushes, Solutions not supplements with Stride Animal Health, Adam Ellis Saddles, Precision Joint Formula and 100X Equine. 

Although we will take on horses to show or sell it is on a case by case basis. I see myself as  a guide for your journey with your horse.  If your goal is to ride your horse you MUST be present in the process to get there.  There will be times in training where I will say right now you're riding a schooling horse.  My gift is to help a rider and horse communicate and help each other become champions.

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